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    Debunking the myth of publishing 

    I created the presentation "debunking the myth of getting published for academics to understand the publishing process. As a Co-Editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, I find that authors make many mistakes in their submissions, from writing about mundane, "tiny topic," research to failing to adhere to journal submission guidelines.  I hope that you enjoy the PowerPoint Presentation--debunking the myth. 

    Read Research Priorities

    As I mention in the Debunking presentation, authors are encouraged to read Research Priorities that appear in leading publications such as the Marketing Science Institute, Journal of Service Research, and Journal of Services Marketing.  I provide links to each of these research priorities.  Engage in meaningful research. 

    A Proposed Digital Retailing Course with 100% Wix Materials 

    Dr. Rosenbaum created a 15-week Digital Retailing class that uses 100% Wix materials.  Therefore, faculty can use these materials free of expense.  I encourage faculty to look at the course and to create some additional assignments 

    How to design college courses?  Read this book. 

    And, practice with the self-directed guide. Your students will thank you for creating significant learning experiences.  When you design learning activities, go beyond memorization, use the Bloom's taxonomy.  Think about using business reality programming in your class--let students explore real-world problems in an interesting manner.  Click below. 

    How to create interesting college courses?  Use free technology to create new experiences for students.  Press the button to unleash free technology tools for instructors. 

    How to design research articles?  Use canvases to help you visualize your work 

    Design Education

    Research design


    I'm writing a Thesis or Dissertation for my PhD, Doctorate, Research Masters, or Honours Degree. 

    Article design

    I'm developing an initial draft, preparing to submit a manuscript, revising an resubmitting, or rewriting a rejected paper.

    Research project

    I'm planning a new research project! Suitable for Industry, Government, Students, and Academics.

    Research framing& Justification

    I want to better frame my own research around past literature. I want to justify the importance of my research questions in relation to existing research.