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    • Mark S. Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

    Amazon didn't kill the U.S. malls

    Let's be clear, the retail apocalypse is not Amazon driven. An article in Yahoo Finance actaully blames AMZN for the decline of Macy's, JCPenny, and Nordstrom. https://yhoo.it/2TWnHLf

    Online shopping didn't kill U.S. retailing

    The author then claims that these stores are massive, cumbersome stores that cause anxiety "to me and my cohort." Um...no. AMZN often causes me anxiety, I'd rather choose the piano player at Nordstrom over scrolling. So, what does the millenial author have incorrect..servicecape. These three stores are traditional mall anchors. If you want to know why sales are down, look at the stimuli that encourage approach/avoidance, http://bit.ly/2ZbXjTj

    U.S. enclosed malls are dying...

    Gruen conceived of the enclosed mall as an ersatz shopping oasis for upper-class women and as an escape from the urban ills. Today, these women are working and the urban ills plague suburbs. The format is a dinosaur. Today's shoppers want open-air centers, see http://bit.ly/2Zs3m5w They want to shop at Marshall's, Walmart, TJMaxx because of value and ease of entering/exiting a strip center. Consumers don't want to be entrapped with strangers in enclosed settings. Reality.

    An open-air lifestyle center

    Retailers must understand how physical, social, natural, and cyber stimuli all work together to encourage shoppers to spend money or to flee. Blaming AMZN is sophomoric.

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