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    • Mark S. Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

    Moving from Substantive to Formal Theories of Marketing

    In our latest Journal of Services Marketing editorial, Rebekah Russell-Bennett and I provide clarity on how researchers may engage in“theoretical disruption”by purposefully adding variance to existing substantive theories, and conceptual frameworks, to construct formal theories of buyer–seller marketplace behaviors.

    ...Until authors replicate substantive theories by drawing upon new samples,which purposefully add variance to test the structural generalizability of a substantive theory, the discipline will be limited in its ability to put forth formal theories of marketing.

    As researchers, we have tended to overlook expanding on our substantive theories by adding perspectives from consumers who are often under-represented in research investigations, such as consumers with disabilities, non-traditional households, recent immigrants or the elderly (Fisk et al., 2018).

    Our field is awash with substantive theories, with harbingers of their limitations. The time is upon us to bring together our knowledge, to engage in theoretical disruption, to move from substantive to formal and to finally put forth axioms that explain buyer–seller marketplace behaviors.

    Mark Scott Rosenbaum and Rebekah Russell-Bennett (2019) "Developing substantive theories into formal theories via disruption", Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print

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