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    • Mark S. Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

    Service Blueprinting: Linking Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations Together

    Updated: Jun 23, 2019

    Let's think of creating a great theatrical performance. Let's plan Scene 1. We would need to plan actors, actresses, extras...people. We need to plan who is performing on-stage and we need to plan back-stage musicians, who are all critical to the scene. We need engineering to adjust the lights to perfection and stage hands to quickly sets. Multiple parties, on-stage, back-stage, and support are needed to design the scene of a theatrical performance.

    Now, think about a patient in a hospital or a guest in a hotel. How does an organization make a touchpoint function? The answer requires input from marketing, who is charged with understanding customers' expectations. The answer requires input from human resources, who is charged with turning expectations into employee actions. The answer requires input from operations, who is charged with providing assistance to employees, who serve customers (think of an IT team).

    Service blueprinting is a design tool that helps service organizations understand how marketing, human resources, and support operations work together at each touch point.

    Service design is the key to customer satisfaction!

    For further information on how to create a service blueprint, see the following articles:

    https://paulallen.ca/documents/2014/06/service-blueprinting-a-practical-technique-for-service-innovation.pdf/ (this is an incredible article written by my good friends, Amy Ostrom, Mary Jo Bitner, and Felicia Morgan.

    Additional insights are available at: http://www.servicedesigntools.org/tools/35

    Services must be executed in a manner that brings together everyone who is critical to the proper execution of a touch point. As an architect builds a home with a plan, so too must a service manager build a service with a plan--a service blueprint.